NoMad London strives to meet the needs of its guests with disabilities. Please contact the hotel at +44 (0)20 3906 1600 if you have any special requests or questions related to accessibility.

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General Accessibility

Prior to Your Arrival

  • Enquiries and reservations may be made by telephone, email or through our website.
  • Directions to the hotel can be sent by post or emailed to you.
  • Please let our reservation team know about any specific requirements that you would like us to be aware of ahead of your stay and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.
  • Please consider completing a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) –if you have any accessible needs, we can email or post this to you. This will enable us to be fully updated regarding any specific requirements that you might have, especially in terms of evacuation.
  • Should you require a taxi to the hotel from any main line train station (our closest are: Charing Cross is approx. 5 minutes’ drive, Euston is approx. 15 minutes’ drive, Kings Cross is approx. 20 mins drive) there are ranks that are clearly marked at the station and drop off at the hotel can be directly in front of the doors.
  • Should you be arriving at an airport (Heathrow Airport approx. 45 minutes’ drive, Gatwick approx. 1 hour 15 mins, London City approx. 1 hour drive) we use a car hire company on a regular basis, and we would be delighted to book them on your behalf. They have vehicles suitable for a wheelchair and three additional passengers if required, it is helpful to book this in advance. There are also taxi ranks available at all airports.


Arriving at the Hotel

  • Please drive to the front of the hotel, the main entrance is immediately opposite the Royal Opera House. We have parking allowances available for drop off and collection periods.
  • We offer a valet parking service, alternatively we can inform you of nearby parking ahead of your stay.
  • The entrance to the hotel is by way of a large front door, our door team will be on hand. There is level access to the initial reception area. Once inside the building there are 3 steps up to the main lobby area.
  • There is also an accessible lift to the left-hand side of the main entrance once inside the front doors. The team will be on hand to assist you with this should you wish to use it.
  • If you are staying with us your luggage can be collected from your car on arrival and delivered to your room.
  • You can be escorted to your room and shown the layout of the public areas en-route should you wish.

Restaurants & Event Spaces


  • Guests with allergies are kindly asked to inform our reservations team ahead of their arrival so that all the team may be made aware.
  • A large print menu will be available upon request through all restaurants.

Side Hustle

  • To access the restaurant externally, there are five steps.  Step free access is available through the Hotel’s main front door.
  • There is limited space for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre around the seating area within the restaurant.
  • The tables and seating are fixed, and it is not possible for these to be changed or removed.
  • Some of the tables and seating are on a raised area.
  • The bar height is approximately 110cm high.
  • The floor in the restaurant is tiled.

NoMad Restaurant

  • Within the NoMad restaurant the tables and chairs are movable and can accommodate wheelchair users.
  • The table height is approximately 75cm.
  • There is wood flooring throughout the restaurant.

Atrium Bar

  • The bar has a height of 110cm.
  • The floor is tiled.
  • There are heavy swivel stools at the bar.

The Library

  • In the Library there are movable tables and chairs.
  • The table height is 75cm.

NoMad Fireplace Room

  • Around the edge of the room are fixed banquet seating with limited space for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre.
  • In the centre of the room there is a table with moveable chairs and can accommodate wheelchair users.
  • The floor is wooden with a rug.
  • The central table height is approximately 70cm.

Private Event Spaces

  • There is a front door on Bow Street for the event rooms, there are 2 steps.  Step free access is available through the Hotel’s main front door.
  • There is step free access between the three event rooms.
  • Within the Magistrates Court there is a stage with four steps which has contrasting nosing.
  • The space between the hotel and private events spaces is accessible via two steps but it is also possible to place a ramp.

Public Spaces

Hotel Reception Area

  • The reception area floor is made up of large stone slabs and wooden floorboards with rugs and non-slip underlay. It is suitable for wheelchairs.
  • The fixed reception desk has two levels, one is approximately 120cm and the other is approximately 90cm high. There is space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.  All guests will be met in person and registration can take place away from the fixed reception desk should this more suitable.
  • The reception is all on one level.


  • The gym is open to hotel guests.
  • There is a range of different equipment available.

Public Areas

  • The corridors are either carpeted or have are polished wooden floors with rugs and non-slip underlay.
  • The Library is accessed directly from the reception through a wide archway. The Library leads through to Side Hussle Restaurant which has step free access.
  • The NoMad Restaurant is on the lower ground floor. It is accessed via a wide staircase in the main lobby area or via the lifts which are behind the hotel reception desk.
  • The main staircase has ground level lighting and handrails on both sides.
  • Access routes throughout the hotel are available through fire doors which are mostly held open by magnets or in case of an emergency opened key card door locks.
  • The accessible bathroom is situated on the lower ground floor next to the Atrium Bar and is accessible from all public areas.
  • Doorways are generally wider than average, allowing for wheelchair access throughout.
  • The lifts have audio functionality and raised buttons (not braille). All guest lifts are suitable for wheelchair users. The Lift doors’ width is approximately 90cm. There is an internal handrail on one side. The lifts are covered by 24-hour CCTV.



Accessible access rooms contain the following:

  • The entrance door width is approximately 90cm wide.
  • The floor changes from carpet wood and rug.
  • There are handles, grab rails (foldaway) and seats in shower cubicles.
  • There is a pull cords for an alarm in the bathroom next to the loo.
  • The safe is situated at a low level in the wardrobe.
  • Allergy free pillows are available.
  • The guest directory can be provided in large font on request.
  • The windows are fixed closed.
  • The mini bar table, where the coffee and kettle are located is 93cm high.
  • The desk and chair are moveable, the desk has a hight of 80cm.
  • The mattress hight is 29cm (to the top)