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From The Inside Out: The de Mamiel Wellness Experience

NoMad London is honoured to host acclaimed skincare specialist Annee de Mamiel for a wellness residency through 2021, offering her highly sought-after treatments that blend science and soul and offer a deeply rooted response to life’s internal and external stressors. We sat down with Annee to learn more about her holistic philosophy of care and the treatments being offered in a transformed suite at NoMad.

Massage at the Mamiel Wellness Experience

NoMad: Annee – we could not be happier to have you in residency at the NoMad. Can you tell us a little about you and your journey?

Annee: I always had a fascination with physiology and the innate intelligence the body has to heal itself. Exactly how this works at a cellular level and what the body needs to support this internal healing process is so interesting to me, so I took this interest and studied Anatomy and Physiology at university to deepen my understanding. I then studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, which included an internship in a hospital in rural China where I saw first hand the power of holistic medicine and the incredible effect it can have with treating problems within the body. Through these studies and experiences in western and eastern medicine, I could see how combining both can tackle symptoms as well as root causes, at an emotional, physical and cellular level.

I use this understanding in every treatment at NoMad. I want to address the root problem to solve an issue rather than treating to a temporary effect. My patient and I dive deep into every aspect of their lives from a physical and mental perspective, then feed the body exactly what it needs to help heal itself. 

NoMad: Your facials begin with a deep discovery conversation and an involved questionnaire – how does this shape the treatment provided?

Annee: Every treatment is completely bespoke and individual so I can address the root cause of my patience’s issue. Every question I ask is part of a puzzle which I then put together to understand concerns and worries at hand, these are made up of a mix of western and eastern questions from medication, past surgeries, to what types of food the patient craves to tell me exactly what is going on in their body. This is important when it comes to treatment as I want to solve the problem and support the healing process of the body versus treating the issue to a temporary effect.

NoMad: How does the use of acupuncture enhance the experience?

Annee: The skin is a complex canvas which acts as both an immediate stress perceiver and a target of stress responses, constantly revealing the myriad stresses we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Acupuncture allows the body to rebalance itself and take us out of ‘flight and flight’ mode, thus a powerful way to relieve tensions and press pause on the day’s stresses. This treatment allows me to address the issue and its root causes at a deeper level to achieve visible, longer-lasting results for the skin.

NoMad: What are the most important elements you consider when creating the de mamiel products?

Annee: One of the most important elements I consider when creating a de Mamiel product is the root cause of the issue I’m trying to solve. To create a solution, you must identify the problem and from that I look into what the body needs from a physical, emotional and cellular level to build the ingredients within a formulation. It’s important to use practises from a western and eastern perspective to map out the physical, cellular and emotional components of a problem, and then overlay with the physiology and biochemical elements, alongside aromatherapy for a truly targeted treatment that actually works.




"I want to address the root problem...rather than treating to a temporary effect."
Spoon and artifacts the Nomad

Nomad: Can you share more about the 2 different facials offered at the NoMad?

Annee: The Signature Treatment is targeted and customised to each patient to work on their emotional, cellular and physical levels. Here I focus on realigning the skin, spirit and body, beginning with a deep diagnosis of present stressors, before implementing breathwork, meditation and tuning forks with acupuncture and a Qi rejuvenation massage to release tension from within.

I created the Digital Fatigue facial as a result of how modern life has pushed us to spend a lot of time in front of a screen, this can deplete our energy levels in both the skin and body so I wanted to create a treatment to target this. I fuse powerful natural antioxidants to target inflammation with cleansing rituals to deliver a deep stress and tension release in the facial muscles and ligaments. Then a Qi rejuvenation massage follows to re-energise the mind and body to target inflammation and boost skin cell metabolism to intensely hydrate the skin and restore radiance.