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The NoMad Feast

This winter in New York, The NoMad Feast offers a new tradition for a new world. A secluded space has been transformed into an immersive and intimate dining experience for private groups of up to 8 in accordance with city guidelines. With only one seating daily through the winter,  guests are transported to their own private NoMad Restaurant. Here, loved ones gather around the table in the comfort of a world apart and enjoy a family style menu that evokes the playful whimsy for which the NoMad is known and transforms any evening into a celebration.

We spoke with Chef Reilly about the experience, the menu and how the team thinks about creating meaningful experiences in these unique times.

What sparked the idea for The NoMad Feast?

Chef Reilly: At NoMad New York, the team has always been inspired to create unique guest experiences that reinvent the idea of fine dining and bring a sense of play and creativity to the table. In the past, those experiences were centered around gathering and closeness and a room alive with people. We were eager to create something that inspired that same alchemy and joy but that also gave a sense of safety and comfort that we all need in these times. We know that some of our regular guests aren’t ready to dine in restaurants, no matter how exceptional our safety precautions are, and we wanted to create something for them.

Thanksgiving candle light dining table with decorative pumpkins
Tray of a variety of cocktails

Where did you draw creative inspiration for the meal?

Chef Reilly: Our CEO Andrew Zobler loves the film Babette’s Feast, and we thought it would be fun to create our own version of Babette’s feast which in the movie was an act of love and appreciation in the form of a meal. 2020 has been an incredibly hard year for New York, and for the culinary industry,  and for everyone. The NoMad Feast is our way of bringing some joy and beauty to our family of  guests and their loved ones. Creating it in this intimate space outside the dining room gave us a way to make guests feel comfortable while feeling the warmth and togetherness of a family-style meal through the NoMad lens of creativity and hospitality. It’s something special we are excited to share.

"We thought it would be fun to create our own version of Babette's act of love and appreciation, and a celebration of togetherness, in the form of a meal." - Chef Reilly
Overhead view of plate of oysters on ice, chicken entree, and other appetizers

Tell us about the menu and the food.

Chef Reilly: The meal is technically 3 courses but the idea is that it never feels that formal, with food always on the table while new plates come and go. It starts with classic and creative shareable dishes and salads, along with options for moments of decadence like shaving one’s own truffles. As the night continues, the NoMad chicken makes an appearance with a variety of creative side dishes that are not available in the restaurant. Abundance and revelry are key and in true NoMad spirit, guests can opt for a wine pairing with the meal or NoMad’s  whimsical large format cocktail explosions as they wish.

My favorite aspect of the experience is that the first thing you see is likely the last thing you eat: a table of pies, tarts, and sweets like you would if you were visiting family. But if guests want to eat dessert first, we encourage doing what feels good. Thats what this is about.

Turn any winter evening into a celebration and experience the NoMad Feast in the comfort of your own home.

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Table with desserts, wine bottles, and metal statues of roosters